This is Seventeen Magazine’s BMI Chart. Take a moment to read it. 

I am almost 18 years old. According to this BMI chart, I would be healthy between the BMI of 14.8 - 21.7

Excuse me? Since when is a BMI of 14.8 considered healthy? Not even the smallest-boned of people should be at a BMI of 14.8 when they are 18 years old. To put that into perspective for you - I am 5 foot, 3 inches tall. To even be considered “underweight” on this BMI chart, I would need to weigh under 83 pounds. And if I weighed more than 122 pounds, I would be considered overweight

Does that sound fucked up to anyone else, or is it just me? 

With this sick and screwed-up BMI calculator, Seventeen Magazine is essentially encouraging their readers, mostly teenage girls (the population most at risk for developing an eating disorder) to maintain extremely low weights. How would you feel if you were 123 pounds and 5’3, calculated your BMI, and saw that you were overweight at a perfectly medically healthy BMI of 21.8?

I will be writing a strongly worded email to the editor of Seventeen Magazine to express my anger towards this issue as someone who has struggled with poor body image and anorexia nervosa. 

Please, if you feel the way I do - indignant, furious, sick to your stomach - reblog this. Seventeen Magazine will not get away with encouraging body hatred and unhealthy weight goals. 

This is absolutely horrifying.

I do not have strong enough words for this.

What issue is this from?

I will also be writing a strongly worded letter to Seventeen.

This is not acceptable.

Is Seventeen magazine out of their fucking mind?

Wow I want to stab someone in the face. I thought this was fake but its real.

wow what the FUCK are you doing Seventeen magazine. what the flying fuck. i’m actually furious. 

I’m 5’8”, and if I had a BMR of 14.8 I would be at 95 and a half pounds. INSANE.

I know this is not what I normally post on this blog but it needs a signal boost. This magazine is promoting unsafely low weight to teenagers, who are most susceptible to eating disorders. The bmi to be diagnosed with anorexia is 17.5. Please take time to send an angry email to to complain about this. I will even post my email i’m writing them if you want to send the same one. This needs to be addressed.

This is seriously fucked up.

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    This makes me so angry. I’m no expert on BMI, but why does the scale alternate numbers every year like that? It’s not...
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    This actually makes me livid.
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    Crikey, If I took this BMI chart seriously, then I’d be classed as morbidly obese. Last time I checked I didnt need 2...
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    Yeah, pretty much what he said BMI has been known to be utterly bullshit for a very long time, and is usually only there...
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    First, I remember my gym teacher saying that BMI should be the last thing we look at because, hell we could have a lot...
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